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Al-Shaalan as the first ME representative
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Al-Shaalan as the first ME representative

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Sanaa Al-Shalaan is so proud to be the first Golden Desert Foundation's representative in the Middle East!

Ahmed Al-Sweiry
Amman, 11 December 2010 (Poetry News Agency) -- Polish Golden Desert Foundation had appointed noted Jordanian novelist Dr.Sanaa Al-Shaalan as its first cultural representative in the Middle East.

The foundation began to translate all of Shaalan’s novels to the Polish language as a part of a Polish project to define the Arabic literature.

The foundation will translate the following novels:

-Al-Ezz Bin Abdelsalam: The sultan of scientists and the seller of Kings.
-Abbas Bin Fernas: The wise of Andalusia.
-Zeryab: The people teacher.
-Haron Al-Rashid: The worshiper and the fighter caliph.
-Al-Khalil Bin Ahmed Al-Farahidi: The father of Arabic syntax.
-Ibn Taymeya: The Sunnah reviver and the Islam Sheikh.
-Al-layth Bin Saad: The generous Imam.

All these stories were published within the Jordanian Qatari children project “People Who Lighted the Path” sponsored by Jasra Social and Cultural Club in Qatar, and received many children literature awards such as:

-Sharhabil Bin Hasna Award.
-Angal Hazzaa Aal Nahyan for Children Literature Award.
-Dar Nagi Naaman Award.

The Golden Desert Foundation is a Swedish cultural foundation owned by Polish businessman Adam Cebula, and managed by Dr. Haytham Aabedat.

The foundation is concerned with the cultural communion between Arabic and Polish cultures through its adopted translation projects.