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Al Ghaith to sue Al Arifi

Al Ghaith to sue Al Arifi
(L) Muslim cleric Mohamed Al Arifi (R) Judge Issa Al Ghaith. (L) Muslim cleric Mohamed Al Arifi (R) Judge Issa Al Ghaith.

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Member of the Saudi Shoura Council and Judge Issa Al Ghaith announced on a phone interview with the Arabic CNN that he is going to sue a conservative writer for attacking him on Twitter. Al Ghaith claimed that Muslim cleric Mohamed Al Arifi has insulted him in a tweet on the background of a conversation between him and Sheikh Abdulrahman Al Barrak.

In a statement, Al-Ghaith denounced Al-Barrak’s arrogant attitude and asked him not to adopt extreme views, make false allegations and provoke people against the Kingdom and its rulers.

“I chose to attack Al Arifi on Twitter, the same way I got attacked,” Al Ghaith said. “I only resorted to judiciary two or three times, and that does not mean that it is my weapon against those who criticise me.”

Shoura member Issa al-Ghaith said that “due to the escalation of offenses on Twitter and the necessity of legal action” he is going to sue Al Arifi, a Saudi conservative writer based in Riyadh, for accusing him of “demanding secularism” and insulted him in a poem after al-Ghaith spoke in positive terms about lifting the ban on women driving.

“Filing a lawsuit is not just for the private right but also to fight this reprehensible phenomenon on Twitter,” said al-Ghaith, a former judge who is known to support King Abdullah cautious reforms.

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