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Al A’arag denies novel has to do

With French perfume

With French perfume

Algeria, 1 August 2011 (Poetry News Agency) – Algerian novelist Wasiny Al A’arag today ruled out reports that his novel “Lolita’s Fingers”, which he should finish writing by the beginning of next year, is called after a famous French perfume.

Al A’arag told the Poetry News Agency that he gave his novel this name simply because one of the main characters in it is called Lolita.

“I was surprised to discover that a famous French perfume carried the same name,” Al A’arag told the Poetry News Agency in an interview. “But I assure that the novel has nothing to do with the French perfume,” he added.

Al A’arag said his novel tells a romantic story. He added that he would present the characters of the novel in a new light.

“The novel is due to be released early next year,” he said. “I hope it can reach readers in all Arab countries,” he added.

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